Re-Discovering Maryland’s Anna Ella Carroll

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Re-Discovering Maryland’s Anna Ella Carroll

Thursday, October 24

Maryland Historical Society

5:30 PM

A challenge to all the Nancy Drews, Alex Crosses, history buffs, women activists, and those in the military - past or present!  You know Carroll County or New Carrollton, and likely heard of Charles Carroll, but who was Anna Ella Carroll?  Do not miss this unique series of events aimed at re-discovering a Civil War heroine.  Hear from experts and weigh in on the long-standing controversy about her role and importance during Lincoln’s administration.

Jointly sponsored by the Maryland Historical Society, the Maryland Women’s Heritage Center, and the Friends of Anna Ella Carroll, these events will be thought-provoking and important in determining the recognition of Anna Ella Carroll currently proposed to the U.S. Congress.


Hear from authors and historians.  Weigh in on the long-standing controversy about her role and importance during Lincoln’s administration.  Light refreshments will be served.

Moderator: Charley Mitchell, author of Maryland Voices of the Civil War

Panelists: Claudia Floyd, Professor of History and Political Science at Stevenson University and author of Maryland Women in the Civil War: Unionists, Rebels, Slaves and Spies

Kay Larson, author of Great Necessities: The Life, Times and Writings of Anna Ella Carroll

Ed Papenfuse, Maryland State Archivist and Commissioner of Land Patents


Invisible No More: A Place for Women in Military History

Friday, October 25

Location: Women’s Heritage Center (39 Lexington St.  Baltimore MD)

1:00 PM

Learn about the role of women in the military – from the Civil War to today.  Gain information about the Purple Heart being proposed for Anna Ella Carroll.  Discuss issues with historians, military officials, and legislative representatives.  Have lunch and participate in the program. Lunch will be provided by the Women’s Industrial Exchange.

Moderator, Ann Quasman

Host, WomanTalk Live


“Lost River” – a pioneering film about Anna Ella Carroll, the Baltimore premiere

Saturday, October 26

Location: The Star Spangled Banner Flag House (844 E. Pratt Street)  

1:00 PM

Baltimore Premiere followed by discussion with “Lost River” filmmaker/producer Bruce Bridegroom.  Suitable for adults and children.