Racial Formation Since the Civil War

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Racial Formation Since the Civil War
Thurs., March 14, from noon to 9pm; Fri., March 15, from noon to 8pm

Racial Formation Since the Civil War

Racial formation is defined as the social and historical process by which racial categories are created, inhabited, transformed, and destroyed. Dr. Nell Irvin Painter and Dr. David Roediger keynote this two-day symposium of lectures, workshops, and films exploring the history of race in America and its modern-day implications. Visit mohistory.org for a listing of programs and times.

The symposium is designed to give participants the skills and tools necessary to strengthen their diversity awareness and foster positive relationships. This symposium offers opportunities for participants to attend lectures and engage scholars, or participate in two intense half-day workshops. "The Question Bridge Curriculum" workshop on Thursday, March 14th, prepares educators to use the Question Bridge: Black Males transmedia art project curriculum. It’s facilitated by Question Bridge co-producer Bayeté Ross Smith. The workshop on Friday, March 15, “Gateways Through Racism,” will guide participants through the everyday manifestations of racism and offer pathways to get past it. The workshops and lectures are free. Attendees will have thought-provoking panel discussions, lectures, and workshops that promote solution-oriented conversations well after the symposium concludes.

Day 1: March 14th

**Lectures and Panels: Noon – 9pm, Lee Auditorium

12:00: Racial Formation
*a Lecture by Dr. Teresa J. Guess

1:00: Transcending Colonization: Strength of the American Indian Identity
*a conversation with Steven Gunn and Lucy Briggs

2:00: Race and the shaping of American Religion
*a lecture with Dr. Lerone Martin

3:00: Gone with the Wind: Rethinking Missouri’s Slavery Narratives
*a lecture by Dr. Kathleen Nigro

4:00: TBD

5:00: Break

6:00: From West to South; Politics, Race and Region During Reconstruction in St. Louis
*a lecture by Dr. Adam Arenson

7:00: The History of White People
*a lecture by Dr. Nell Irvin Painter

8:00: Panel Wrap up: Painter, Martin, Arenson, Gunn, Sandoval

**The Question Bridge Curriculum Workshop (ATT): 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm facilitated by Mr. Bayete Ross Smith

*held concurrently with lectures and panels


Day 2: March 15th

**Lectures and Panels: Noon – 8pm, Lee Auditorium

12:00: Staging Race: The Entertainment Culture and Public Perception of Race from the Civil War Until Today
*a lecture by Dr. Katrina Thompson

1:00: TBD

2:00: From Eugenics to Genetics: Negotiating race in the 20th Century
*a panel with Dr. Jacqueline  Lewis-Harris and Annie Wagner

3:00 Question Bridge: Representing & Redefining How Media Defines People
*a lecture by Bayete Ross Smith, co-producer of Question Bridge: Black Males

4:00: Racial formation of the Hispanic/ Latino identity in the U.S.
*a lecture by Dr. J.S.O. Sandoval, Saint Louis University

5:00: Break

6:00: How Race Survived U.S. History
*a lecture by Dr. David Roediger

7:00: Panel Wrap up with Roediger, Thompson, Sandoval

**Gateways through Racism (ATT): 1:00-5:00 pm

1:00: Race, Policy & Practice with Felicia Pulliam

2:00: Mapping Race in St. Louis with MK Stallings

3:00: Race & Interfaith with Beth Damsgaard Rodriguez

4:00: Social Justice & Race with Dr. Mairaimee Gonzalez