Person of the Year, 1863: The 2013 Symposium

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The Museum of the Confederacy and Library of Virginia once again bring the sesquicentennial flavor to their annual symposium. For the third year in a row, a panel of distinguished Civil War scholars will nominate candidates for "Person of the Year" in their lectures, and the audience will have the final say by casting ballots for the most influential person of 1863. Who will join Abraham Lincoln (the audience's selection for 1861) and Robert E. Lee (the audience's pick for 1862) on this most distinguished list?


The Panelists for the 2013 Symposium are:

Edward L. Ayers, President, University of Richmond

Kent Masterson Brown, historian and attorney, Lexington, KY

Joseph T. Glatthaar, University of North Carolina

Thomas Sebrell, Queen Mary, University of London

Jennifer L. Weber, University of Kansas

As always, the nominees themselves are kept secret until the day of the symposium.

Tickets for the full-day symposium (including box lunch) are $35 for Museum members and Library donors, and $50 for the general public.

To register click here or call 855-649-1861 x131.