Painless: A Survival Guide to the (Dreaded) History Project

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Are you a teacher who dreads teaching & grading the same old history projects each year?  Are you interested in immersing your students in the excitement of historical investigation?  Are you a student wondering how to use primary source documents for a current or future history project?  Then this workshop is for you!

Using National History Day's broad 2014 theme of “Rights and Responsibilities” as a springboard, you’ll explore how to approach primary source research in special libraries and archives, the Massachusetts Historical Society & the National Archives through a range of historical documents, including letters, diaries, songs, petitions, and government records.

You’ll collect evidence, analyze information, draw conclusions, assemble your findings into an historical narrative, and design a history project as a paper, website, exhibit, documentary, or performance.

By applying National History Day methodologies, the “dreaded” history project is transformed into the creation of imaginative, engaging, and meaningful history experiences. Representatives from Massachusetts History Day will share how the program works.

For more information: Please contact Kathleen Barker at or 617-646-0557.