Open House

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Hunt House Museum will be
open on the second Sunday
every month from 1:00 pm -
3:30 pm for the rest of 2015.

October 11

November 8

December 13

Early School Days in East Providence

Did you know that children didn’t get out of school until the Friday
before the 4th of July? When was that? 1894! Lots more time in the
classroom back then. The museum crew has culled a surprising amount
of school memorabilia for this exhibit, which has some wonderful
photos and mementos you all saved for us, along with school books and
administrative pieces. And of course, those Crimsons which stretch
back into the 1900's will all be at your fingertips. Come reminisce with
our docents about your EP school experience and bring along
mementos to share with us. Don’t miss the collection of excuses for
absence kept by Mr. Sanderson at Riverside Jr. High! If you are/were a
teacher or school department employee, please come by and choose a
thank you gift from us for your service. Refreshments will feature,
what else: apples and cider!
Our thanks to new members Nancy Allen and Becky Ellis for their hours
of help/expertise in putting together this exhibit.