Online Course: Museum Education and Outreach

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This course requires regular check-ins, sharing and commenting on peer work, and participation in scheduled live chats. Various assignments are made throughout the course to allow for regular feedback and dialogue. While work can be done at your own pace, meeting deadlines is encouraged to maximize the experience.

At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • describe the characteristics and learning needs of various museum audiences
  • summarize what we know about learning in museums
  • assess the strengths and weaknesses of interpretive techniques and program approaches
  • utilize a system for planning, operating, and evaluating museum educational programs
  • access resources to assist you in future development of effective learning experiences

Possible topics include:

Week 1: Defining the Museum / Museums and Memory

Week 2: Interpretation Strengths, Weaknesses, and Best Practices

Week 3: Audiences and Identifying Your Key Ones

Week 4: Education Program Planning, Management, and Evaluation

Week 5: Organizing of Museum Education and Outreach

Week 6: Community Partners and Funding

Week 7: Leading Staff and Volunteers

Week 8: Action Plan for Future Programming at your Museum