Online Course: Developing Exhibitions Part 1

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This class is about how to put together an exhibition, from deciding what it will be about and why, to gathering, creating and arranging all the elements for visitors.  You’ll learn a lot from your classmates – from their own experiences and from the resources that they share with all of us.  And you’ll learn the best way: by doing – you will develop an actual exhibit plan over the course of the class.

Each week you will be expected to:

  • Study materials directly within the online class site;
  • Find other resources on the web or in the community and share them with the class;
  • Share your own knowledge, experience and resources with the class; and
  • Complete one or more exhibit-development assignments and share your work with the class.

At the end of the class, you will:

  • Know how to develop, create and evaluate an exhibition – you will have developed a real exhibit;
  • Be familiar with other resources for more information; and
  • Have a network of small-museum professionals with whom to confer on future exhibits.