Native American Traditions Weekend

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Spend some time with Indian Doctress Molly Geet (pictured) and hear Indian winter stories, including Sogalikisos: Algonkian Indian Stories and Histories of Maple Sugaring and Wooden Snowshoes and Fur Mittens: Algonkian Winter Fashions as well as take walks with the Indian Doctress as she points out and tells the fact and folklore behind native plants.

Meet Hawk Henries, a Native American flute maker and performer will be demonstrating and performing Native music. As one of a relatively small number of Native flutemakers who continue in the tradition of using only hand tools and fire, Hawk's work embodies his commitment to the revitalization and preservation of these skills. His flutes are now part of museum collections and have been a part of an exhibit which traveled the country. We are honored to have him visit OSV.

Meet Jeff and Judy Kalin of Primitive Technologies incorporated who will be on hand for the weekend demonstrating Native American crafts and foodways. Guest will be able to interact directly with the Kalins as they demonstrate different native customs and tools. A highlight will be Judy's expertise in Native American sugaring and food preperations.

Also, see basket making and participate in hands-on crafts.