Music, Merriment and the Mayflower at Alden House

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Marking the 400th anniversary of the Mayflower reaching Plymouth Harbor, join musicians of the group "Seven Times Salt" for a virtual lecture-demonstration of music from the Pilgrim era over the Christmas weekend..     

Treat yourself to some holiday refreshments as you take a musical journey with the Mayflower passengers from their homes in turbulent 1590s England to religious refuge in the Netherlands, and onward to the unfamiliar shores of England in 1620.  The Pilgrims brought with them experiences of music as varied as their reasons from coming to the New World and their music featured tunes from the Elizabethan tavern and theater, psalms, Dutch music and dances.  In keeping with the season, the program will also include some 17th-century tunes for Christmas, which the Separatists didn't celebrate but their neighbors did!  


The program is free and will be broadcast through Zoom.  Registration is required.