Moving Museum Collections

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rolling moving cart with dinosaur neck laying on the bottom and tail hanging from aboveMuseum collections and their associated materials run the gambit from fragile items that need special packing to large, heavy or awkward objects that require special equipment and expertise to move. Moving a collection no matter what the size can be an intimidating task. What are the institutional needs and constraints? Will you take this opportunity to upgrade and reorganize storage systems? This four week online course provides a how-to for planning and managing a museum collections move to avoid the many pitfalls associated with a move project. The course will help you define the scope of your project, develop a work plan and schedule, prepare a communication scheme, define proposals for vendors, choose equipment, estimate costs, identify hazards, organize staffing and establish packing techniques and standards. Whether you are moving across the hall or across town, Moving Museum Collections will provide a guide for a successful move.

Instructor: Lori Benson

Course Start Date: April 2, 2018

Duration: 4 weeks