Longmeadow Historical Society- Annual Meeting + Speaker

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Longmeadow Historical Society- Annual Meeting + Speaker

Teddy Roosevelt- Our 26th President

Longmeadow Historical Society
Glenbrook Middle School
110 Cambridge Circle
Longmeadow, 7 PM

At 7:30 PM after the business meeting of the Historical Society has been concluded, there will be a special one hour presentation by actor Ted Zalewski who will bring to life our 26th President Teddy Roosevelt. In combining history, drama and fun, Zalewski gives voice to many of Roosevelt’s own words, writings, and beliefs. Cowboy, soldier, naturalist, historian, father, statesman, and winner of the Nobel Prize for Peace, Theodore Roosevelt lived a life that inspires us still. “Teddy Roosevelt: Mind, Body and Spirit” was written by Zalewski.

Theodore Roosevelt has universal appeal to audiences of all ages and political persuasions. Today, both men and women respond with equal enthusiasm to Teddy Roosevelt and Zalewski’s performance. Roosevelt is considered one of the most popular presidents in U.S. history.

Mark your calendar and plan to attend this interesting and unforgettable performance. Admission is open to the public and is FREE .

For additional information email LongmeadowHS@gmail.com