LIVESTREAM EVENT: History At Play Presents Pay-Per-HAP - "Chit Chat with Dolley Madison"

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History At Play, LLC Presents a Historic Opportunity to Converse with One of the Most Esteemed First Ladies in United States History!

Chit Chat with Dolley Madison

With Special Guest James Madison, as portrayed by Philadelphia Living Historian Kyle Jenks



$5-$25 Pay-What-You-Can, or $100 for a 2020 Pass

Judith Kalaora of History At PlayTM, LLC is Dolley Madison, and Kyle Jenks is James Madison, in Chit Chat with Dolley Madison, one of many original productions featured in the company’s repertoire.  PHOTO: Courtesy History At Play, LLC/J.M. Wasko, New-York Historical Society

History At PlayTM, LLC (HAP, LLC), has garnered nationwide attention for their Immersive Living History performances, chronicling the lives of legendary women who changed society. In Chit Chat with Dolley Madison, HAP, LLC Founder and Artistic Director Judith Kalaora is Dolley Madison - the Presidentess to President James Madison, the 4th President of the United States, and one of the most esteemed First Ladies in history. Along with special guest Kyle Jenks, a Philadelphia-based living historian, who portrays President James Madison, Dolley and James recount stories from their lives in Philadelphia– a time of political tumult in the 1790’s, when the fledgling nation was determining how to govern a brand new democratic republic.

Enjoy this LIVESTREAM presentation on Friday, June 26th at 7:30 PM ET (GMT-5) via HAP, LLC’s Pay-Per-HAP VIP Facebook Watch Group. This live event brings the vibrancy of theatrical history direct to your home. Approximately 60 minutes, followed by real-time audience Q&A. Each Pay-Per-HAP performance is offered at a Pay-What-You-Can rate of $5-$25 per viewer, or $100 for a 2020 Pass. See this PDF for full Payment and Viewing Details:

In “Growing Pains of America,the Madison’s navigate an era marked by growing pains and political distress:  Before James and Dolley became famous as Washington City's first power couple, James was a member of the House of Representatives during his Excellency George Washington’s presidency. While the government was established in Philadelphia, English and French aggression loomed; the French Revolution tested the limits of monarchial v. democratic rule; the United States experienced the first peaceful transfer of Presidential power; and saw the emergence of the two-party system: the Federalist and Democratic-Republican Parties, which divided political loyalties. While the politics were divisive, the social scene was rich and vibrant and Dolley honed the skills and savvy that would ultimately define the role of the First Lady of the United States of America.

Payment is requested by 1:30 PM ET (GMT-5), on or before the date of the performance. Instructions for Payment and Viewing are available at, or via Facebook @HistoryAtPlay. Payments are accepted by Venmo, PayPal, Eventbrite, Credit/Debit, or Check; please indicate at time of payment the performance for which you are paying. After payment is received, please request to join the Pay-Per-HAP Facebook group at Admission to the group closes at 1:30 PM ET (GMT-5) on the date of the performance. No late admission. No refunds/date transfers. Must have access to a Facebook account in order to view.

Josh Lederman, NBC News Political Correspondent, attests: “History At Play connects the dots between the characters that made up our past and the events they shaped that still influence our lives.”

Kyle Jenks has been interpreting James Madison, known as “The Father of the Constitution,” since 2015. Mr. Jenks’ numerous appearances have included the National Constitution Center, the New-York Historical Society, the American Philosophical Society, and the Massachusetts Historical Society. He is the creator of the Society Hill Walking Tour in Philadelphia and is also a playwright, having penned James and Dolley: Opposites Attract, which chronicles the love story between James and Dolley from courtship to the end of the War of 1812.

About Pay-Per-HAP

HAP, LLC’s Pay-Per-HAP Facebook performances are original productions from the company’s critically acclaimed repertoire, featuring writer/producer/historian and HAP, LLC Founder, Judith Kalaora. From A REVOLUTION OF HER OWN!™, the inspiring story of America’s first female soldier, Deborah Sampson; to CHALLENGER: Soaring with Christa McAuliffe, exhibiting the achievements of the beloved Teacher In Space, each live performance is conducted in authentic period wardrobe, with vintage props, and professionally designed sets. Based on primary source research, History At Play™, LLC has been embraced by the historical, educational, and theatrical industries with high-caliber programs, offering a once-in-a lifetime opportunity to ask questions of influential and often forgotten historic figures. Appropriate for all ages.

Upcoming Pay-Per-HAP June/July Performances:

All performances begin at 7:30 PM ET (GMT-5) at HAP, LLC’s @Pay-Per-HAP VIP Facebook Group:

June 26: Chit Chat with Dolley Madison with special guest James Madison

July 3: [No program]

July 10: World War Women: The Unsung Heroines of WWII

July 17: Rendezvous with Rachel Revere with Special Guest Abigail Adams!

July 24: Educational Lecture: Building a Business out of History

July 31: A Revolution of Her Own! Deborah Sampson

About History At PlayTM, LLC:  HAP, LLC has garnered international attention for their one-woman and ensemble Immersive Living History performances, chronicling the lives of influential and often forgotten women. Since 2010, the HAP, LLC Troupe has brought the legacies of great heroines to life in museums, libraries, universities, historical societies, senior living communities, and schools across the United States. NOW offering the same immersive experiences to groups across the country via LIVESTREAM technology! To learn more, or to book an in-person or a LIVESTREAM event, visit or on Facebook @HistoryAtPlay.

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