LECTURE: Tour the Taunton River…Without Getting Wet!

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Join author Timothy Brown for an ‘Armchair’ tour of the Taunton River. Journey down the river and journey back in time to explore the river through pictures, postcards and maps. The ‘tour’ will cover a distance of about 8 miles, from where the river crosses under the Route 44 Bridge on the Taunton-Raynham line to the Weir section of town. Along the way, items of interest on the banks of the river are identified and discussed. Some of these items are still visible: old vacant buildings, rock walls, and old stone footings: other items are no longer around and are only faint memories or listings in the old texts. The talk is based on the book "On the Taunton River in Taunton, MA - A Journey down the river and a Journey back in time" by Timothy Brown/Tetiquet Press, 2003. All these items are captured in this one book; stories of old grist mills, iron forges, cotton mills, bridges, schooners, barges and herring runs. This is a great talk about the river and also good preparation for those interested in our real river tour on May 16th.