Interpretive Writing

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staff writing label copyThis is a basic interpretive writing course designed to be a follow-up course for the Introduction to Heritage Interpretation course, and future interpretation courses.  It will give participants an understanding of and skill in development of actual "interpretive" writing based on Tilden's Interpretive Principles.

Upon completion of the course, participants will:

  • Be able to demonstrate what makes writing "interpretive" vs. Informational.
  • Will be able to use Tilden's Interpretive Principles to create interpretive text for exhibits, outdoor panels and other interpretive writing projects.
  • Understand how/why interpretive writing needs to be objective and outcome based.
  • Gain skills in using "tangibles" and "intangibles" in crafting interpretive text.
  • Understand the role of active language in "painting pictures with words".
  • Be able to create interpretive copy for museum exhibits and interpretive panels that are powerful, memorable and theme based.
  • Be able to create interpretive copy that visitors will "want" to read.
  • Understand the value in evaluation (pre-testing evaluation) of interpretive copy prior to final production (measure twice, cut once).
  • Understand and acquire the skills in interpretation to say "more with less" in text development.
  • Learn some of the research in interpretive label copy in how much visitors want to read, point size requirements and easier to read fonts.
  • Be able to develop interpretive copy that "provokes, relates, and reveals" your message.

Instructor: John Veverka

Course Start Date: November 5, 2018

Duration: 4 weeks