International Cemetery Preservation Summit

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NCPTT is pleased to announce a International Cemetery Preservation Summit, to be held April 8-10, 2014. The Summit will feature wide ranging preservation technologies to address the broad spectrum of issues found in cemeteries and other cultural heritage sites.

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Preliminary Schedule is subject to change, more talks will be added in the near future:

Tuesday April 8, 2014

Planning: “Down to Earth: Conservation Decision-Making for Historic Cemeteries“  by Katharine Untch
Planning: “Not Seeing the Cemetery for the Monuments: Understanding the Importance of Preservation Assessments” by Michael Trinkley and Debi Hacker
Archaeology: “The Cycle of Use, Neglect, and Renewal in Historic Family Cemeteries of Niagara, Ontario” by Catherine Paterson
Archaeology: “Finding Avondale: Remote Sensing for an Unmarked Cemetery in Difficult Subsurface Conditions” by Hugh B. Matternes and Valerie Davis
Landscapes: “Returning the Forest to Forest Lawn: Tree Planting Strategies for Historic Landscapes” by Matthew Quirey
Planning: “They Died in Rome: Preservation of an Active, Historic Cemetery for Foreigners” by Nicholas Stanley-Price
Materials I: “The Restoration Technology in the Russian Necropolis” by Julia Loginova and Anna Loshchenko
Materials I: “The Challenges of Treating Delaminating Slate Headstones: New Treatments with New Materials” by Irving Slavid
Materials I: “Modern Problems in Historic Cemeteries” by Frances Ford
Materials I: “Returning From Oblivion: The Reemergence of a World War II Memorial Sundial” by Minxie and James Fannin
Materials I: “Portland Cement Vs. Historic Gravestones” by Jonathan Appell
Materials I: “Red Jacket: Sculpture Conservation Treatment in Forest Lawn Cemetery” by Francis Miller

Wednesday April 9, 2014

Materials ll: “Maintaining Leadworks for Cemetery Monuments and Mausolea” by Angus “Gus” Fraser and David Gallagher
Design: “In Small Things Remembered: The William Peters Reeves Grave Memorial at Kenyon College” by Dennis Montagna
Materials II: “Made from My Own Hand: An Introduction to Concrete Grave Markers” by  Gordon Bond and Stephanie M. Hoagland
Materials II: “Handcrafted Gravemarkers of Julius “Jesse” Thomas  by Anne Shelton
Documentation: “Fragile Grounds: Mapping South Louisiana’s Cemeteries” by Jessica H. Schexnayder and Mary H. Manhien
Documentation: “Photogrammetric Documentation of Weathered and Damaged Headstones at the Cataraqui Cemetery,Kingston Ontario” by George Bevan and Alexander Gabov
Documentation: “Saving and Preserving Burial Grounds of Enslaved African Americans” by Sandra A. Arnold and Michael L. Blakey
National Cemeteries: “Reimagining August Bloedner’s 32nd Indiana Infantry Monument (1862)” by Sara Amy Leach
National Cemeteries: “Conserving the Nation’s Gravesite: Treatment of the Tomb of the Unknowns at Arlington National Cemetery” by Debora Rodrigues and Amy Hollis
National Cemeteries: “The Commonwealth War Graves Commission in the Americas” by Captain Harry Harsh
National Cemeteries: “Nationwide Monument Conservation at National Cemeteries: Planning, Management, and Treatment Implementation” by Sara Johnson
National Cemeteries: “Confederates in the Cemetery:  Federal Benefits & Stewardship” by Elizabeth G. Heavrin and Sara Amy Leach

Poster Session from 10:30 until 12:00

Poster: “East Texas Markers’ Types, Motifs, and Styles – The Expanded Edition” by Dr. Perky Beisel
Poster: “Congressional Cemetery’s Not Kidding Around:Environmentally-Sensitive Invasive Plant Removal in a Historic Setting” by Margaret Puglisi
Poster: “National Cemeteries in the National Park System: Grave Markers and Cultural Landscape Preservation” by John Auwaerter
Poster: “Mississippi College Historic Preservation Program” by Tricia Nelson
Poster: “A Cost/Benefit Approach to Developing a High Return/Low Impact Treatment Program for an Inactive 18th-century Burial Ground” by Tom Riddolls
Poster: “Variation and Change in Coffin Styles at the Wrenn-Hutchison Cemetery” by Charles LeeDecker
Poster: “The North Carolina Cemetery Survey and Stewardship Program: A Practical Guide to Establishing a State-Level Preservation and Conservation Program” by Roderick Kevin Donald

Thursday April 10, 2014

Field Sessions will take place at Forest Lawn Cemetery
Sessions will run from 8:00am until 12:00pm

Current Sessions;
Cemetery preservation tour with Matthew Quirey
Grout Injections with Frances Miller
Resetting Stacked Monuments with  Jonathan Appell
Demonstrations of the IBIX cleaning system with Jeff Paduano

More sessions and a possible Canadian location to be announced soon.


Who should attend this summit:

  • Cemetery Sextons
  • Cemetery Maintenance Staff
  • Archaeologists
  • Historic Landscape Architects
  • Conservators
  • Historic Preservation Students
  • Monument Builders
  • State and Local Historic Preservation Officers
  • And Overall Cemetery Enthusiasts

The program will feature contributed papers, a poster session, and an optional half day of field sessions and workshops.

Just Announced the Summit is now offering vendor registration. Limited vendor tables are available on a first come bases. If interested please contact Jason Church