INTERCOM 2015: Leadership for a Sustainable Museum

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Join us at INTERCOM's first conference held in the USA. INTERCOM is the International Committee of Museum Management within the International Council of Museums (ICOM).
October 28 - 31  - Washington, DC-
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Three major conference themes: The Sustainable Leader, The Enduring Organization, and the Essential Museum.

Six national museums in downtown Washington, DC will serve as the host venues: The George Washington Museum and the Textile Museum, the National Building Museum, the National Museum of the American Indian, Smithsonian Institution, the National Museum of Women in the Arts, The Phillips Collection and the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, Smithsonian Museum.

INTERCOM is in partnership with the Museum Studies Program of the George Washington University and ICOM-US. Join international museum leaders and those from museum-related organizations to examine together this critical topic. The program includes two and a half days of conference discussions, three evening events and Washington, DC museum tours. INTERCOM 2015 is the first time INTERCOM’s Annual Meeting has been held in the United States.

INTERCOM is the International Committee of Museum Management within the International Council of Museums (ICOM). INTERCOM works toward the development of sound museum management throughout the world. The Committee's main concerns are the managerial aspects of policy formulation, legislation and resource management. It also watches over the implementation of ICOM's Code of Ethics for Museums. ICOM-US is ICOM’s national committee in the United States.


The Sustainable Leader.

What are the leadership competencies and skills required by the new cultural and societal landscape?  How are we preparing and growing future leaders who can deal with the “wicked” (not easily solvable) problems of today’s world? How do leaders handle crises? What are effective leadership strategies for navigating power and influence within the museum and throughout the community? How does a leader identify and forge effective alliances?

The Enduring Organization.

How do we build for the long-term? What are viable, experimental, and emerging organizational structures and models that address today’s challenges? What are the skills we need to cultivate among our staff members?  What productive role can “failure” play within our museums? How can technology drive mission? How should we define “growth” and “impact” today?  Is “bigger” always “better”?  What are new funding pathways to financial stability?   

The Essential Museum.

How must we redefine “community” in the digital age? Who are our audiences, what are their needs, and how do we serve them?  Who are we not serving? How can museums define and demonstrate our public value and play effective roles in civic engagement, research, stewardship, and social change? What is the value of, and opportunities for, our physical spaces in the digital civil society? What types of opportunities and challenges exist through collaborations, partnerships, and mergers?