Inside Guantánamo, Past and Present

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Today, Guantánamo Bay makes headlines as the U.S. detention facility for alleged enemy combatants. What many Americans don’t realize is that "Gitmo" was built over a century ago as the United States' first foreign military installation, and that it served many purposes before 2002 when it became a military prison for the “War on Terror.” Join the conversation and the debate about Guantánamo with international experts Liz Sevcenko, Founding Director of the Guantánamo Bay Public Memory Project, and Michael Strauss, professor of international relations at Paris’ École des Hautes Études Internationales and Omar Farah of the Center for Constitutional Rights, as they explore Guantánamo Bay’s little-known past and the historical, legal and human rights implications of its present use for the U.S. and the world.