If These Walls Could Tell

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Now in its fourth year, 2014's If These Walls Could Tell will share the history of the Brookside Mansion, a 25,000 square foot home in Fort Wayne. Originally built as a summer "cottage" in 1903, it was purchased by the Sisters of Saint Francis of Perpetual Adoration to found the University of St. Francis. Join us to learn more about how this historic landmark defines Indiana's past and points us toward the future.

With funding from Frank and Katrina Basile, Indiana Landmarks and Storytelling Arts of Indiana have partnered to present If These Walls Could Tell, a series of original stories staged in the vintage buildings that inspired them.

The first story Hugged By These Walls told by Sally Perkins is about the Indiana Landmarks Center formally known as the Central Avenue Methodist Church. The second story Window Over Wabash: A View from the Charley Creek Inn told by Lou Ann Homan is of course about the Charley Creek Inn in Wabash, Indiana. The third story It's Alive! The Life and Death and Rebirth of the Lerner Theater told by Bob Sander.