History of Spiritualism

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History of 19th Century Spiritualism
Saturday December 14th 6pm-8.30pm
Folsom Tavern

Did you know that Elizabeth Ewer, a former owner of the Folsom Tavern was a Spiritualist? She held lectures and meeting here. Come meet the Spirit Light Network, a paranormal investigative team made up of a group of dedicated shamans who teach the public about life after death, why hauntings take place and how the living many times unwittingly contribute to a haunting.   As part of this entertaining evening, we will share the history of the museum as a hub of the Spiritualist Movement in Exeter that brought the subject of ghosts into the mainstream during the nineteenth century, discuss the subject of ghosts and why they exist, then raise your personal energy vibration so, as we walk through the building, you will actually feel the Other Side.  
Sha-man – a person who endeavors to connect to the spirit in all things.

Costs: $35.00 per person
            $30.00 members   
Please contact the museum at 603-772-2622 or email  info@independencemuseum.org