History Camp Boston 2018

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Updated March 3: Registration is now open.

History Camp Boston 2018 will take place Saturday, July 7, 2018 at Suffolk University Law School, just across the street from the Old Granary Burying Ground and a short walk from Boston Common.

Complete details, including the growing list of sessions is at HistoryCamp.org/Boston.

Changes for History Camp Boston 2018

In 2018 we’ll have more rooms, including more large lecture halls. We’re also making a slight to the opening “round the room” introductions. This is my favorite part of the day since it helps build the community that has come together for that day and gives everyone a sense of wonderful variety of backgrounds of those assembled.

The room for these introductions was our capacity constraint in 2017. In order to hold History Camp Boston 2018 in the same building, we’ll gather for very brief remarks in the same large room on the first floor, and then head to the first sessions of the day, which will be extended so that the “round the room” introductions can take place there. While this means that you’ll be hearing from perhaps one-fourth or one-fifth of your fellow attendees, we felt this was the right tradeoff.

Better planning and communication of Saturday night dinners. With the help of some volunteers, we'll block tables for a dozen or so people at four or five restaurants and have sign up sheets in the registration area.

More activities for Sunday. This will be the the second year we’ve expand to the weekend. Local institutions are invited to create programming for or otherwise extend an offer to attendees for Sunday, July 8. They may also wish to promote events earlier in the week for people who travel to the area to visit and sightsee before History Camp. (We already know of people flying in from Colorado and Texas, and coming up from Maryland.)

Special offers and events, either before History Camp or on the Sunday of History Camp Weekend will be posted here. Just send them in.

Thanks to Suffolk

Our thanks to Bob Allison and all of the folks at Suffolk who are making their beautiful facility available again next year.

If you've not attended before

This is a good introduction, and this is the archive from last year, with photos, session descriptions, the schedule, and presentations.

Lee Wright | Founder | The History List | History Camp

Complete information on History Camp Boston 2018, including the list of presentations, is on the History Camp Boston page.