History Camp 2015

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History Camp 2015 in Boston on March 28

History Camp is the unconference for all things history.  It was launched last year in Cambridge and filled up days in advance.  Some of the feedback from the first History Camp included the following: “Excellent sessions, interesting people”   “I hoped it would be good . . . and it was great”   “I’d register again in a heartbeat”

This year History Camp is in Boston, near the T and covered parking.  It's open to all, but you must register.

These are the sessions planned so far (as of 3/14/15):

"Roman Legionary" Ÿ "The history of the postage stamp and the US Postal system" Ÿ "In Defense of Material Culture" Ÿ "Were the Early Suffragists Racist? A Look Into The Early Movement prior to TheEmancipation Proclamation" Ÿ "This Side of Paradise: The tragedy and triumph of a small town in MetroWest" Ÿ "Don't let History Get STEAMrolled: Practical approaches to getting kids engaged with history" Ÿ "Sharing Your Passion for History: Blogs, Podcasts, Books, and More" Ÿ "Soldiers in Our Homes: The French and Indian War & Quartering in Albany, New York, 1756-1763" Ÿ "Six Women of Salem: the Untold Story of the Accused and Their Accusers in the Salem Witch Trials" Ÿ "The History of The Boston Post Road: America's First information Highway, Through Postage Stamps" Ÿ "Researching the Old Homesteads of Marlborough" Ÿ "Our Forebears & Massachusetts in the Civil War" Ÿ "Ideas for Programming, Outreach, and Operations of Smaller History Organizations: What worked what didn't, and what we learned from it" Ÿ "Living History:  Historic House Museums and the Classroom Teacher: The Age of Medicine and Midwifery" Ÿ "Risky Business: Living History Events in Traditional Museums" Ÿ "Making History Comics" Ÿ "Prince Demah, Portrait Painter" Ÿ “How World-Be Assassin Samuel Dyer Nearly Triggered the Revolutionary War" Ÿ "Digital Humanities/Tools for Teachers of American History: Using Primary Sources Through Library of Congress Website"

If your organization is interested in helping underwrite the event and have a table, contact Lee.  If you're an author and interested in having a table where you can sell and sign books, select that option when you register.

Scenes from History Camp 2014