History At Play™, LLC Presents "I Now Pronounce You Lucy Stone" - Livestream Sponsored by The Jones Library

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A Leader of Women’s Suffrage, Lucy Stone, Transports Audiences back in Time!

The Jones Library Presents History At Play™, LLC's Critically Acclaimed Solo Performance Celebrating the Centennial of the 19th Amendment in the United States

Tuesday, March 9th, 2021 – 7:00 PM PT

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History At Play™, LLC’s critically acclaimed solo Immersive Living History Experience commemorates the 2020 Centennial of the 19th Amendment in the United States!

Judith Kalaora as Lucy Stone, one of many historic figures in the company's repoertoire.  www.HistoryAtPlay.com

This LIVESTREAM event is presented by The Jones Library (Amherst, MA). Pre-registration is REQUIRED at the following link: https://www.joneslibrary.org/Calendar.aspx?EID=10355&month=&year=&day=&calType=

In this presentation of I Now Pronounce You Lucy Stone, History At Play™, LLC Founder and Artistic Director Judith Kalaora is Lucy Stone: The first woman from Massachusetts to earn a college degree, a fierce abolitionist, and human rights activist. Challenging discrimination is not easy, but Lucy is never one to take the easy road... even Susan B. Anthony credited Lucy for her involvement in the tumultuous Women’s Suffrage Movement.

As a scholar, Lucy studied Greek and Hebrew, insisting that ancient scriptures had been mistranslated to objectify women. As a wife, Lucy refused to take her husband’s name, becoming the first to do so in the nation, and leading to the moniker of “Lucy Stoner” to describe a woman who does just that!

Lucy and her comrades were evolving from successful abolitionists to struggling suffragists. Their fight was ferocious, so come along for the ride!

Suitable for all ages. Run time: 60 minutes. Followed by Q&A.
Written by Judith Kalaora. Copyright 2011, Reimagined for screen 2020,

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