Historical Marker Dedication at the University of Kentucky

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On American campuses in the 1900s, freshman and sophomore classes had a variety of competitions. The University of Kentucky was no exception. An early rivalry was the annual flag rush in which one class would defend their flag from being captured by a rush of competitors. Replacing the annual flag rush in 1913 was the tug of war across Clifton Pond.


Students were granted a half-day holiday for the annual drenching, and crowds could reach more than 2,000 for the event. The freshman class was usually victorious in the battle until teams of equal size were established in 1923. Seniors supervised to ensure fair play, and the victors would storm downtown in celebration.

Marker dedicated by the Class of 2012


Kentucky's historical markers are on-the-spot history lessons that add drama and interest to the countryside for native Kentuckians as well as tourists. Through this program, the wealth of Kentucky history is made accessible to the public as they travel along the state's roadways. Learn more at www.history.ky.gov/markers