HISTORIC NEWTON WALKS Where Nature and Industry Meet: The Riverside Pathway

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Sunday, June 14, 2:00 PM
HISTORIC NEWTON WALKS:  Where Nature and Industry Meet: The Riverside Pathway
Today the stretch of river between Riverside T and Commonwealth Ave is largely forgotten— an island of nature surrounded by 20th century infrastructure.  But in the 1880's it was described as “a stretch of river scenery that cannot be surpassed in the United States" and filled with hundreds and hundreds of canoes every weekend. Join Jerry Reilly in a walk on the proposed Riverside Pathway, discover some hidden waterfront beauty and learn a bit about the history of railroads and highways that shape what you see today. 1 mile walk from Lasell Boat House to Riverside and back again on semi-rough trail.

Meet at the Lasell Boathouse across from 107 Charles Street in Auburndale. Free; $10 donation suggested