Historic Architecture Of Marblehead, Ma 1600s Through 1800s

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Marblehead, Massachusetts is one of America’s premier towns for early architecture. Nearly 300 houses survive from more than 500 that stood in 1775, when America’s Revolution began – when Marblehead was a flourishing international Atlantic seaport and the 10th (or by some counts 6th) most populous metropolis in British North America ~ and in Massachusetts, second only to Boston. (Salem was fourth.)

About 800 homes survive from before the 1840s, when Marblehead's economy shifted dramatically. 

This online 4-week course offers an informative visual showcase of Marblehead history and architecture through 1888, when the second of two major fires (in 1877 & 1888) burned the thriving industrial sector of town, but left the older historic district unscathed. 

The course instructor is social, cultural and architectural historian Judy Anderson of Marblehead Architecture Heritage & Tours.

Tickets for the entire course are $50 for members and $60 for the general public, on sale through the Marblehead Museum website.