Hearthside Dinner

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Wade House bustles with activity as guests anticipate a savory meal of a bygone era. Guests participate in a special Hearthside Dinner program, living the history of the 1860s as they work together to prepare a meal in the kitchens of the Wade House stagecoach inn. The sounds and smells of the 19th century come to life as stove and fireplace fires are lit and guests chop and stir, season and roast, preparing their midday meal as Betsey Wade routinely did for stagecoach travelers a century and a half ago.

After all the preparations and cooking are completed, participants will enjoy the fruits of their labors in the Wade House dining room, sitting down to a delicious and abundant dinner (view or download a Hearthside Dinner menu, PDF 182 KB). At the conclusion of the day, everyone pitches in to clear the table, wash the dishes (19th-century style), and sweep the hearth to end a satisfying encounter with central Wisconsin's past.