Hampton Roads History: The Life and Tryals of the Gentleman Pirate Major Stede Bonnet

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Join The Mariners' Museum and Park for a thrilling virtual lecture with author and historian Jeremy R. Moss as he presents about the golden age of piracy and its connection to the Hampton Roads area.

Viewers are welcome to send Jeremy any comments or questions during the presentation, and he will answer them following his talk.

About the lecture: Chesapeake native Jeremy R. Moss is an accomplished lawyer and lobbyist in Alexandria, Virginia. An emerging author and freelance historian, Moss’s research and writing are focused on piracy and early colonial maritime history. His book, The Life and Tryals of the Gentleman Pirate Major Stede Bonnet, brings to life the golden age of piracy. Awash with myth-busting history, Moss tells the story of the real pirates of the Caribbean, sharing accounts of daily life, social issues, natural disasters, political intrigues, bloody battles; and, of course, buried treasure, walking the plank, flying the Jolly Roger, pirate-speak and more, all while weaving in interesting connections to the history of Hampton Roads.