Grandma’s Mixing Bowls: Saving Family Treasures, Telling Family Stories

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Every family has objects that are special to them, but might not seem special to anyone else. But will they still seem special to future generations? How do you make sure those items are preserved, and that the stories of the people who used them and loved them are saved, as well?  Downsizing often adds pressure to these decisions, but Professional Organizer Regina Sanchez will share strategies to separate the treasure from the clutter and to save the story with the mixing bowls. CHS staff will also be on hand to tell you what you need to know if you’re considering donating your treasure to us or another museum. We can’t promise that your minimalist grandkids will want your collection of commemorative dashboard ornaments, but we can help you tell a great story about them around the holiday table.

Regina Sanchez ( is a Professional Organizer and Certified Home Movie and Photo Organizer. She loves teaching clients how to bring order into their home or small business by showing them methods and systems to stay organized. Working with clients to help them preserve their memories is another part of her business that fulfills her with incredible joy as she helps individuals tell their stories, preserve their memories and create a legacy that will last forever.

This program is free with general admission and open to the public. It will be held in conjunction with our Collecting Day for Growing Up in Connecticut. Be sure and bring an object to loan us for the exhibit! If you contribute an object, image or story, we’ll give you free admission to the museum galleries for the day.

To register, please contact Adult Programs Manager Jenny Steadman at (860) 236-5621 x289 or