Gore Place Estate: A directors’ tour of a Federal Period jewel

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Gore Place is the 1806 country estate of Massachusetts Governor Christopher Gore. Sometimes called “The Monticello of the North,” Gore Place is one of the most significant Federal Period mansions in New England. Today, the house is beautifully restored, with period finishes, art, and furniture, and the grounds include a small working farm with chickens, goats, and sheep.

Gore Place has offered us a tour of the recently relocated and restored 1793 Carriage House while talking about adapting historic buildings for modern use. This would be followed by a tour of their next big project, the restoration of missing staircases and other elements in the kitchen and laundry areas, which would include a visit to a portion of the cellar which is not usually open to the public. Finally, they would take us on a quick walk through of the living quarters that are part of the usual house tour. The whole thing would take about 90 minutes, and cost $20/person.

(accessibility information available on the Gore Place website)