Ghosts of the Great Hall: Daredevils and Disaster

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Ghosts of the Great Hall: Daredevils and Disaster
Wednesdays in March, 2013

Is there a lost fortune in the woods of southwest Washington? Who sang show tunes as the SS Queen went down in flames? What Washingtonian earned a Guinness World record for “the most bones broken in a lifetime”?

Find the answer to these questions and more in Daredevils and Disaster, an exploration of great adventures in state history. Your students will journey through Washington’s past with these notorious northwesterners, pondering their amazing mysteries and death defying acts. After all… history is not for wimps!

Make a reservation for a facilitated visit to a Ghosts of the Great Hall program. Admission prices are $6 per student. The museum admits one chaperone per five students for free.

Our Ghosts of the Great Hall programs capture the imagination of your students while building a foundation for studying history in the classroom. While your students are here, they will be introduced to program themes through listening to a series of dramatic monologues performed by local professional actors.
At the conclusion of each, the actors encourage students to ask questions about the event and/or life of their character. Students will have opportunities to explore the museum exhibits before and/or after the guided portion of the tour. This facilitated program can accommodate large groups.

Please note: History Lab facilitated visits will be unavailable during the run of these programs.