Gas and Preservation Partnership (GAPP) Summit: Honoring Our History-Fueling Our Future

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February 28, 2014 - 10:00 pm Deadline for Early Bird Registration

Summit 2014

Bridging the GAPP: Honoring our History – Fueling our Future

Join leaders from the energy industry and the historic preservation field on March 21, 2014 at the Fairmont Hotel in Pittsburgh for a groundbreaking, action-based, full-day summit to forge pragmatic strategies to identify and manage historic and cultural resources while encouraging efficient development of energy resources.

GAPP is a collaboration between the energy industry and the historic preservation community to protect sites that may be impacted by shale gas development. GAPP is developing voluntary best practices with the industry that more effectively manage risk. Plan to attend the summit to learn more about these important issues and help us create a win-win for the energy industry and the preservation community!

Summit Goals:

  • Educate the energy industry about the importance of cultural resource preservation.
  • Educate the preservation community about the importance and science of energy development and independence.
  • Affirm the business case for working together voluntarily in the absence of regulation.
  • Develop model voluntary practices for the protection of cultural resources informed by  experiences in other extractive industries.
  • Collect success stories and lessons learned from energy experts and  preservationists working in the Marcellus region and beyond.

Summit 2014

This full-day conference will engage a cross-section of the energy industry and the cultural and historic preservation community.  GAPP is now reaching out to prospective partners to participate in the planning of the summit.

We invite participation from:

  • Energy and utility companies
  • Local and statewide preservation organizations
  • Energy industry trade associations
  • Native American tribes and associations
  • Professional and academic archaeology organizations
  • Land owners with interest in responsible energy development and heritage preservation
  • Risk management firms
  • Members of the public