Furnishing Kansas

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Furnishing Kansas

In the special exhibits gallery is an exhibit on some of the larger items in the collection showing through January 5, 2014, at the Kansas Museum of History in Topeka. This exhibit offers a rare opportunity to view furniture that was a witness to history.

Spanning from Kansas Territory to the recent past, these items include products from a Leavenworth furniture factory established in 1856. Featured Abernathy Brothers Furniture pieces are a Renaissance Revival style walnut bedroom set, an office chair, sofa bed, crib, and rocking chair.

A few items have connections with well-known Kansans. The desk and chair used by Kansas native Ed Asner on the Mary Tyler Moore Show are featured.

Furnishing KansasSeveral items were used by governors of Kansas. These include Governor George Hodges' partners' desk, sunflower andirons from the original Governor's Mansion, and a table used by Governor Thomas Carney. Governor William Stanley was given a table made by a penitentiary prisoner.

One of a kind furniture from Kansas crafts people are highlighted in the exhibit. Charles Calwell of Wetmore used horns from cattle to create unique items: a chair, table, rocking chair, bookcase, and footstool. Chainsaw artist Ray Murphy carved a chair and included the state symbols using wood from a tree on the grounds of the Kansas State Capitol. Nancy Louse Steel Pitt of Labette County made a cabinet from scrap lumber.

A pink washer and dryer, and double oven from the 1950s are included in the display, along with a 1940s home entertainment system and 1950s dinette set.