From Marketplace to Living Room: Tips for Beginners and Experienced Collectors on Building a Collection to Live with and Love (and Actually Sit On)

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Dr. Philip D. Zimmerman is a museum and decorative arts consultant, author, and nationally recognized authority on early American furniture and decorative arts. For beginners and seasoned collectors, Zimmerman offers practical tips to selecting pieces that you can live with and treasure. For less than the price of contemporary mass-market sofa and loveseat combo, Zimmerman can show you how to furnish your home with beautiful, well-made antiques that will fit your budget and have quality and style that lasts. Participants will have a chance to ask Zimmerman their collecting questions and to see several examples from the renowned CHS collection to illustrate construction techniques, style characteristics and period details that will help collectors and craftsmen alike appreciate the heritage of Connecticut furniture.

Sponsors: Nathan Liverant and Sons Antiques, LLC and Connecticut Humanities.