Flora Wong: How to Tell Your Story

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Amid the turmoil of China in the 1930’s and 1940’s, Flora Wong’s family lived a modest life in their small village of Lin Fong Lei. This young girl learned to tend rice and vegetables, sew simple clothes and trap frogs and beetles. In time, she also learned to dash to the safety of nearby bushes as Japanese planes flew low over her village.

At 18, Flora discovered she was engaged to be married. Flora’s mother, Chen Sun Ho, had set in motion a plan of arranged marriages for her six daughters. Her goal was to return each of them to the safety of their home country, the United States.

Flora began a new life in Montana, far away from her tiny village. It was here that the timid girl grew into a wife, mother, business owner and athlete.

In Long Way Home, Flora Wong retraces her family odyssey, sharing insights, tragedies and triumphs. Hers is the story of an authentic, ordinary person facing extraordinary challenges.

Flora has been talking with audiences around the West this past year about, Long Way Home: Journeys of a Chinese Montanan. Response from readers has been heart warming and humbling, to say the least. Reactions have included: "Amazing," or "Eloquent and dramatic," or "Inspirational" and even "Uplifting."  In appearances from book clubs to college classes, she has had a blast.