Expeditions in Etiquette

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Carey Sue Vega teaches manners and etiquette, professional, social and soft skills with a fresh, fun, exciting, entertaining and modern approach. She created Expeditions in Etiquette as a way to help students cultivate the social skills they need to prepare for the storms that life throws their way. By learning these skills in a safe harbor, we are helping parents to equip their children for smooth sailing in the professional and social seas of life. During our class, Carey Sue will introduce all of the important basics of etiquette, from respect to personal presentation. Preparing students for the professional and social seas of life is Carey Sue’s calling.

No cell phones will be allowed during the class. Due to space limitations, only a few parents will be needed to assist. Parents can drop off their child and pick the child back up after the class. Please contact us if you are interested in staying.