Discovery Tour - Prohibition in St. Louis

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Get on board and discover pieces of St. Louis’ past in a history-based guided tour. This day long program is designed to entertain and inform. Inspired by the Museum’s exhibitions, these tours explore historic themes at various sites in and around St. Louis.

What was it like in St. Louis during the dry years wrought by the 18th Amendment? Famous for beer, booze, and blues, our town has plenty of colorful stories, from flappers and Dapper Dans, to suicides and mob murders, to the raids that revolved around Prohibition. And we’ll see some of the spots related to speakeasies, liquor stills, hideouts, and the infamous Cuckoo Gang and Al Capone. The tour includes a guided visit to American Spirits: The Rise and Fall of Prohibition on exhibit at MHM.

Tour Leader: Johnny Rabbitt