Company of the Wolfe Argent - First One! Worcester Art Museum

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The Company of the Wolfe Argent, a reenacting and living history group that protrays a Lance company of Burgundian soldiers in the 1470's, will present for the first time at Worcester Art Museum in Worcester, MA.

Sunday, August 3, 2014 at 12:30 and 2:30PM.  

more information about the group is at

Now the home of the John Woodman Higgins collection of arms & armor, formerly the Higgins Armory Museum, has several pieces in its collection that are comparable to the portrayal of Wolfe Argent.

Wolfe Argent was one of the first living history group to present as a "historical interpretation" of the collection at Higgins Armory Museum in 1998 (and one of the first of this type of presentation in the U.S.), which presented monthly and special event programs at the museum until its closure in 2013.  Wolfe Argent's attention to historical detail and accuracy is extensive and adheres to a very high quality standard for its membership. Programs have evolved over the years including "How a Knight is Armed", where the audience sees how a suit (actually called Harness) of armor is put on, and how it works. "Medieval Soldier" covers the myriad of soldier types employed by the Burgundian army, references by the surviving Ordonnances of 1471-73 such as a Halberdier, Coustiler, Crossbowman, Handgonner, and Man-At-Arms providing a very unqiue overview of the soldiers and combat in 15th century Europe.

The emphasis of the presentations is to get the audience up-close to reconstructed arms and armor, and to learn more about this unqiue and multi-cultural, multi-lingual time period and force. 


(Photo: P. Kenworthy, 2008 demo in the former Higgins Armory Museum auditorium)