Civil War Reenactment - Harvest Festival

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Civil War Reenactment- Harvest Festival

During the weekend the camps will be open to the public; you may talk to an old confederate Soldier or see a southern bell in her day dress or ball gown. The past will be yours to explore as you walk back in time and find that you might be the next one to be conscripted into service for your country.

9:00 am. Saturday Camp Opens to the Public

Officer’s call at 9:00 each day

Line up for inspection Arms at 9:30 each day (For the public)

10:15 AM Announcement # 1

Saturday at 11:00 there is a wedding at the plantation the wedding party has requested to take photos with us and maybe be apart of the event in a small way on Saturday. “Details to follow”

During the day when there are visitors each camp can talk and explain the civil war as related to Kentucky and the life of the families and solders. Drills for the public, if the commanders feel that the troops have the time, to do some drills for the public to watch.

12:45 Announcement number # 2

At 1:45 the town crier will announce the landing of Union Troops from Ohio in Down Town Louisville on the river front.

Pass out pamphlets’ to everyone who is there at this time

At 2:00 the town crier will announce that the Confederate troop are about 2 miles down the road and are coming from the south from Bardstown Kentucky.

         2:45 PM. Announcement # 3 The Mayor address Louisville

At 3:00 the Union troops are surprised by a small party of Confederate Solders when they are fired upon as they are resting from a long march from Across the Ohio River earlier in the morning.

            (The union troops fall back to win another day)

At 6:00 dinner for those re-enactors that have preregistered by Friday October 4th that will be doing both Sunday and Saturdays battles.

It will be served in the log cabin Building

(With approval of the Farmington foundation) Fried chicken, rolls, green beans, potato salad, desert and iced tea.

AT 8:00 pm subject to plans coming together period music

Sundays schedule

Presentation for the public

The main day for Farmington’s harvest festival is Sunday all camps need to be period correct from 9:00 to 3:00 please remain with tent and period items displayed until 3:00 pm for presentation do not tear down until after 3:00 pm.

9:00 am. Camp opens to the public

Officer’s call at 9:00  am.

Line up for inspection Arms at 9:30 (For the public)

10:15 AM Announcement # 1

There will be a church service in the log building for everyone to attend

AT 11:15 am. Open to the public. (With approval of the Farmington staff)

12:45 Announcement number # 2

At 1:00 on Sunday the local Boy Scout troop will be on site for a presentation on the life of the common foot solider during the civil war. We will have two different groups and each will spend 10 to 15 minutes at each camp. We will talk to them about the uniforms and food that where common for the men in battle and how they! Where able to march with such terrible shoes to wear

(When they had them)

At 1:00 the town crier will announce that a scout has sited a small party of Confederate solders just over the creek towards Cox creek Kentucky and they are bound to meet a detachment of Union Troops form Louisville on their way to Tennessee.

1:45 PM. Announcement # 3 The Mayor address Louisville

At 2:00 the Union Forces move on the approaching Rebels as this position must be held at all cost.

At 3:00 camps will start to break and leave the property.