Civil War Reenactment at Farmington Historic Plantation

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Civil War reenactment at Farmington Historic Plantation during the 12th Annual Harvest Festival, Louisville. Battles Saturday 3 p.m., Sunday 1 p.m. Hosted by 8th Kentucky Infantry. 

Guidelines for Re-enactors at the battle of Farmington House

The following rules and regulations will be followed to the letter.

1.    No Hand to hand.

2.    There will be no profanity on or off the field at any time on the property.

3.    No alcohol at all we understand all events have the same type rules and most of us still bring something other than pop to drink but under no circumstance will any alcohol of any type be allowed.

4.    no loud noise including the discharging of any weapons before 9:00 am on Saturday and Sunday and after 10:00 pm both days,

5.    Quite time Friday and Saturday nights will be 11:00 pm no exceptions, if asked to keep the noise down once there will be no second time that you will be asked.

6. All reenactors have to be off the property by 5:30 pm Sunday evening.

7.    The home is open for us to tour and all property is federally and state protected.

8.    Camp fires will be put out with all extra wood being placed along the tree lines before leaving the event.

9.    Horses will be kept away from the main body of the festival and all horse droppings will be picked up and placed in the tree line.

10.    Paper wadding’s will be picked up after the battle by volunteers from each group after each battle.

11.    The appearance of each group is the responsibility of each unit commander and the commander is responsible to make sure all him members abides by all the rules and regulation.

12.     Once again we repeat - it will only take one violation to be removed from the property by the state police-If a member of your group breaks a rule the complete unit will be forced to leave.

13.     Inspection arms will be done each morning at 9:30 am both federal and confederate units will form up and the federal and confederate commanders will do a joint inspection of all arms.

14.     No shot guns, 3 band muskets only no two band muskets.

15.     There will be an extreme elevation policy at all times.

16.    No firing within 40 feet of another person at all times.

17.    Pistols will be used by officers with a rank of Captain and above only.

18.    No Knife is to be taken out of its sheaf at any time on the field.

19.     As the unit lines up for the battle on both days the Ordnance sergeant will collect all ram rods of their company and give them to the Captain of that unit, all ram rods will be took back to the captains tent, where after the battle the captain will return them to each person.

20.    Bayonets will only be used at inspection arms; they are not to be used during the battles.

21.     Each round will be at least 65 and no larger than 85 grains per round.

22.    All trash will be kept in garbage bags and placed in a location to be given to everyone on the Friday of the event.