Care and Conservation of Historic Iron

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Starting on October 29, 2018
"Care and Conservation of Historic Iron"
3 Week Online Class - $175

Do you have historic iron and want to know how to care and preserve it?

In this course you will learn about the history and technology of iron, steel, and cast iron how to identify conservation problems, how to properly handle, store, exhibit, and how to safely clean and preserve historic iron. We will emphasize what you can do and when you need a conservator.

The course runs for three weeks with one section each week: History and Technology of Iron, Condition and Treatment, Storage and Care.

It is structured so you can do the course from home or from work. We'll have email discussions about each week's readings and resource materials, there will one practical assignment to complete the course.

This online class will give you the tools to understand, clean, and preserve historic iron.

Space is limited so register soon!

If you have any questions feel free to email me any time.


David Harvey
Senior Conservator & Museum Consultant                                                                                

Los Angeles CA  USA