"Building A Handsome Church": St. Michael's, Marblehead, 1714 A Tercentenary Symposium June 7 Peabody Essex Museum

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“Building a Handsome Church:
St. Michael’s, Marblehead, 1714”

A Symposium observing the 300th anniversary of the establishment and building of St. Michael’s Episcopal Church, Marblehead, Massachusetts

Saturday, June 7
Peabody Essex Museum
Salem, Massachusetts
To register for the Symposium:  www.stmichaels2014.org

8:30 a.m. Registration and coffee

9:00 Welcome and opening remarks. Robert L. Howie, Jr., Historian Emeritus and Chair, Tercentenary Committee, St. Michael’s Church

9:10  Introduction. Donald R. Friary, Symposium Moderator and President, Colonial Society of Massachusetts
9:20 Stuart P. Feld, President, Hirschl & Adler Galleries, Inc, St. Michael’s Marblehead–From Widener Library at Harvard to London and Amsterdam and Back. 
9:45  Christopher P. Magra, Associate Professor of History, University of    Tennessee, “Extravagance, Intemperance, Negligence in Religion, and    Disorderliness”:  Marblehead, the Early Years.
10:30  David D. Hall, Bartlett Research Professor of New England Church    History, Harvard Divinity School, Reliving the Past or Fashioning a    Different Future?  Anglicanism and Puritanism in Eighteenth-Century    New England.

11:15  Questions and Comments

11:45              Box Lunch

1:00  Carl Lounsbury, Senior Architectural Historian, Colonial Williamsburg    Foundation and College of William and Mary, The Church of England's    First Colonial Buildings: Virginia, 1608-1714.
1:45  Louis P. Nelson, Associate Professor of Architectural History and     Associate Dean for Research and International Programs, University    of Virginia, St. Michael's, Marblehead: A Case Study in Atlantic     Anglicanism.
2:30  Panel of the speakers and three Marblehead historians--Judy Anderson,    architectural and cultural historian, Marblehead; Robert L. Howie, Jr.,    Historian Emeritus and Chair, Tercentenary Committee, St. Michael’s    Church; and Bette Hunt, Town Historian, Marblehead--on placing the St.    Michael’s, Marblehead experience in the context of the Church of England   throughout the British empire.
3:30  Questions and Comments
3:45  Departure for St. Michael’s Church
4:00  Tour of St. Michael’s Church (including crypt, belfry, and archives)
5:00  Wine and cheese reception and concluding remarks.

For further information and questions:
Grace Friary Public Relations   gracefriary@comcast.net    978-745-0184978-745-0184

The Symposium is co-sponsored by St. Michael’s Church and the Peabody Essex Museum
Credit: Lucy Chen photo: St. Michael’s,