Book Event: Taste, Memory

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Tuesday, March 5, 12:00 pm
Speaker: David Buchanan

Portland resident David Buchanan's new book traces the experiences of modern-day explorers who rediscover culturally rich forgotten foods and return them to our tables for all to experience and savor. Join us for a book talk and signing by Buchanan during which he'll explore these questions, fundamental to the future of food and farming: How can we strike a balance between preserving the past, maintaining valuable agricultural and culinary traditions, and looking ahead to breed new plants? What place does a cantankerous old pear or too-delicate strawberry deserve in our gardens, farms, and markets? To what extent should growers value efficiency and uniformity over matters of taste, ecology, or regional identity?

Buchanan has had a long career in the fields of farming, gardening, and landscaping. He currently oversees vegetable and cut flower production for Old Ocean House Farms in Cape Elizabeth, where he grows more than 250 varieties of fruit, as well as herbs and heirloom vegetables. Buchanan also helped found the Maine chapter of Slow Food, and serves on its national Biodiversity Committee.