Arguello Corridor Walking Tour and Tea (San Francisco)

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Arguello Corridor Walking Tour and Tea (San Francisco)

Thursday, December 20, 2012, Friday, December 21, 2012
and Saturday, December 22, 2012

Walk begins at 11:30am each day with us sitting down for our Tea Lunch
at 1:00pm each day

Reservations required, contact 415.357.1848 x229.

Originally known as 1st Avenue, Arguello Blvd. was named for one of San Francisco's founding families. Located in the extreme eastern part of the Richmond District, this street connects Golden Gate Park with the Presidio. On this walk we will see the neighborhood which developed from the late 1870s, when the streets were platted across the extensive sand dunes which lay just north of Golden Gate Park, itself having been founded in 1870.

We will find the largest bay tree in the area, a beautiful city park and the site of the Bay District Race Track, now subdivided and covered with homes. At the end of this walkabout, we will head to Katia's Russian Tea Room, at 5th and Balboa Streets, where we will have a full afternoon tea luncheon meal of Russian delights. Our genial hostess, Katia herself will regale us with tales from Russian literature, as well as stories of Russian Christmas holiday traditions. Walk and parking are easy. Walking tour is lead by Gary Holloway.