Annual Battle of Little Sugar Creek Civil War Encampment

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The 15th annual Civil War Encampment in Stockton, IL will be held on October 5 and 6, 2013. The event will be sponsored by the David and Eloise Pierce family, NWIFNRA and hosted by the 3rd Iowa Light Artillery.

15th annual Battle of Little Sugar Creek Civil War Encampment

The Pierce family has once again donated the use of their scenic 40 acres for our re-enactment. As many of you know, this remarkable location lends itself to an authentic battle field atmosphere.

15th annual Battle of Little Sugar Creek Civil War Encampment

This year's event will feature the re-enactment of the "Battle of Little Sugar Creek".

Due to rising expenditures over the last three years, we have had to alter some of our amenities in order to remain financially viable. For example, in lieu of providing powder for artillery, we will now provide a cash bounty: $50.00 for mountain Howitzers and $75.00 for 57 inch wheel guns. We will provide hay, straw, firewood and water, and on Sunday morning, coffee and rolls will be provided. We're working on the warm temperatures and sunny weather. We are excited about some of these changes, but others, unfortunately have been forced upon us.

We are excited that we will again be able to host this event at Stockton. Over the years, numerous re-enactors and members of the public have shared their appreciation of our efforts to provide a memorable re-enactment. As our nation celebrates numerous sesquicentennial events, your support and participation remain crucial-and much appreciated.