An Evening with Theodore Roosevelt

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March 14 - 7pm. FREE program featuring Arch Ellwein.

Arch Ellwein will share some of his experiences, performing as Theodore Roosevelt over the past 17 years.
He'll go in and out of character to discuss the 26th President of the United States and Roughrider.
Memorabilia and historic TR items will be displayed and commented upon.

"... [Mr Ellwein] knows that accurate historical portrayal goes far beyond wearing the proper clothes and knowing the history - he must be able to be that person in movement, talk, gesture and feeling. Doubtlessly, there are numerous scholars who can conduct the research. Additionally, there are numerous actors who, if handed a proper script, could portray a historical figure. However, the combination of superior research and excellent acting skills is rare indeed - Arch possesses that unique combination." -- Mark Sundlov (former site supervisor at the Confluence Center)