Abolition, The War and The Bell

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Drawing from Brad Forbush’s 13th Regiment website, local historian Joan Abshire’s account of the John Brown Bell, Silas Felton’s two volumes of local history, and the newspaper research of Kathy Lizotte Lynde, Civil War Re-enactor Alan Chamberlain and local historian Paul Brodeur will cover the fascinating period of rabid abolition in Marlboro, the formation of the fire department that helped staff and motivate Co. I of the Mass 13th, and their movements into Harpers Ferry and beyond.

In addition, the program will cover the untold story of the dramatic players in the story of the Bell.  Not only the soldiers, but the slaves of Harpers Ferry who had been neighbors to the Bell from their position at the Harpers Ferry Wager Hotel and came to Marlboro at the invitation of the Marlboro soldiers.  This account gives new meaning and substance to the Bell’s position as "The Most Important Ringing Bell in America."