2nd Annual Poker Run - Field Trip Fundraiser

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2nd Annual Poker Run Fundraiser

Enjoy a great day with fellow motorcyclists and ride in the Washington State History Museum's 2nd Annual Poker Run! We discovered that the single biggest factor preventing children from schools in lower income areas from coming to the History Museum for valuable field trips is not the cost of admission, but the cost of transportation. In response, we began a Field Trip Transportation Fund to help offset that cost for schools with a high number of kids on the Free and Reduced Lunch Program.
Last year, we raised enough money to send 700 kids to the Museum. This year, our goal is even higher, but we need your help so that more of Washington's kids can learn about their history. Register starting at 9:30am at the History Museum, and end up at the Swiss Restaurant & Pub later in the afternoon. Held in partnership with the Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club.