2018 Assault on Fort Mercer Reenactment

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Assault on Fort Mercer Reenactment

2018 Assault on Fort Mercer Reenactment
(aka Battle of Red Bank Battlefield Reenactment)

Celebrate America’s heroes at the Assault on Fort Mercer Reenactment, part of the 18th Century Field Day on October 21, 2018 at Red Bank Battle Field Park in National Park, NJ. Eighteenth Century Field Day is a wonderful tradition that begins with a 10 mile run from Haddonfield to National Park that mirrors the run that Jonas Cattel made in 1777 when he went to warn the American patriots the Hessians were coming to attack Fort Mercer.

The Assault on Fort Mercer Reenactment commemorates the 1777 assault on Fort Mercer on the grounds surrounding the original fort. Sutlers and craft people will be set up among the exhibitors near the historic Whitall House as well.

18th Century Field Day Schedule
10:00 am The Colonial Conjurer
10:30 am Awards Ceremony
11:00 am First Battle Reenactment
11:30 am The colonial Conjurer
12:00 pm Children’s Muster Drill
12:30 pm John Bartram Speaks
1:00 pm Sea Dogs Shenanigans
1:30 pm Children’s Muster Drill
2:00 pm Second Battle Reenactment
2:30 pm Sea Dogs Shenanigans
3:00 pm A Soldier’s Life