19th-Century Rhode Island in 3-D

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The Herreshoff Room of Bristol’s Rogers Library will be transformed into a giant stereopticon, bringing to life the 19th-century world of Bristol, Warren, East Providence, and Providence.  Local historian and preservation consultant Ned Connors will be your guide for an evening of photographic time travel.  Vintage stereo images from the Rhode Island Historical Society’s collection will be projected onto a large silver screen.  3-D glasses will be provided.

When stereo photography first gained popularity, it was a parlor entertainment that used a handheld viewing instrument called a stereopticon.  New technology allows us to take these historical 3-D images, convert them to transparency, and project them for public viewing.

Don’t miss this unique perspective on local history.  The event is free and open to all.  Donations for the Rhode Island Historical Society will be accepted.