17th Century Intaglio Printmaking demonstration

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Andy Volpe:  Art & History will be demonstrating Intaglio printmaking techniques at 

Plimoth Plantation, Plymouth MA #ICraftHistory

Intaglio ("In-tah-leo") printing had been the premiere illustrative and graphics medium since the 15th century. By the 17th century, the primary process was Engraving, with Masters such as Albrecht Durer, Hendrick Goltzius, and Jacob de Gheyn; while Etching (using acid-resist known as "grounds" on the plate) was being developed and experimented with by the likes of artists such as Rembrandt, Abraham Bosse, and Jacques Callot.  

Andy will be demonstrating the printing aspects of the process, using his own plates that he's worked by hand.  He will be using a modern steel-roller press (it's portable...) but will be printing using techniques from the 17th century.  He will also explain the history and process of the techniques while he works.